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Administrative Health Fund

Chiropractic care for members of associations

Chiropractic Care, Safe and Natural

Administrative Health Fund was created to provide the best in Chiropractic care to members of employee groups at an affordable price. AHF contracts with the finest Chiropractors and massage therapists to provide care as a community service, saving money for our members.

Chiropractic care produces results by helping your nervous system work properly. Your nervous system, your spinal cord and your brain are all attached to your spine. One small misalignment can result in illness or problems such as numbness, weakness, pain or other symptoms. Chiropractic care can improve the function of your nervous system, which can result in a healthier, pain free life!

A thorough Chiropractic examination can locate areas of nervous system compromise. Specific chiropractic adjustments can restore your body's ability to regulate and heal itself, without the use of drugs or surgery. This kind of care is simple, natural and has helped millions of people for over one hundred years. It will help you, too!

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