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Q: Can I change doctors?
A: Yes, you may see any of the contracted doctors at any time. If your location varies you may see one chiropractor one week and another the next. There is no limit except that your first, second, etc. visit of the week applies to each doctor and visits cannot be counted from one office to the next even if you see two or three doctors in the same week.
Q. Do I have to sign up for a year?
A. Yes. One year is the minimum contract. During that year you may choose to use the plan several times per week, once a month, or at any frequency that works for you. There is no limit.
Q. Is there an additional fee for my family to use the plan?
A. No. Each deputy must make their own copay at the doctors' office, however, there is no change in the administrative fee.
Q. Are there any charges that I don't know about?
A. No.
Q. Can any deputy use the plan?
A. Only members of the D.S.A., either active or retired, are eligible to use the AHF plan.
Q. If I have questions about Chiropractic, can I have someone call me before I sign up?
A. Yes. We will be glad to get the answers to your questions or have one of our doctors call you.
Q. Is Administrative Health Fund endorsed by the D.S.A.?
A. Yes.